You will need a valid ID, a credit card, and a coverage for the replacement amount of the requested gear (see below).

When renting from us the first time, we will ask that you give us some information on your project so we can assist you better.

You have three options:

  1. Provide us with your production insurance that covers the equipment  (if you don’t have one, we can refer you to a friendly insurance provider who offers affordable production insurance covering equipment up to EUR 50,000)
  2. Credit card deposit (hold) for the total replacement cost of the equipment you are renting.
  3. Utilise one of our in-house camera operators who will be responsible for the equipment when they work as a camera operator on your production. Our operators are talent, highly skilled and will be a true asset to any production.

Yes, we count three day weeks. Which mean, you pay for three days, you keep the equipment for a week.

Yes — we offer fresh Kodak Film Stock at the most competitive prices in the region. When you rent a camera from us for a minimum of three days, you qualify for our industry production rate on film stock and lab services. To take advantage of this extraordinary discount, read here.

Shooting Motion Picture film is an extraordinary process, and there are many reasons filmmakers choose to do so. Recent years have had a very strong resurgence of capturing analog film, and we believe this process is the true connection to the magic of motion pictures — as do many leading filmmakers around the world. Click link to see some of what is being shot on film.