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Perfectly maintained Bolex H16 Reflex (Rex1)
6x Viewfinder

1x Bolex H16 Reflex camera body (c mount)
1x 10mm F1.6 Switar RX
1x 25mm F1.4 Switar RX
1x 50mm F1.4 Switar RX
1x Handgrip with run&stop trigger (you choose the style of grip)
1x Flat Bottom stand
1x Vintage Bolex Carry Case

Format (aspect ratio):
Regular 16mm (1:33)

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Camera body specs:
C Mount — 3 x mount turret
FPS: 8, 16, 18, 24, 32 and 64

Add ons:
Kodak Film – we sell Kodak 100 ft day light spools:
50D, 200T, 500T:
(pls send us a message to see what’s available)
Switar Kern RX Zoom lens
M17 Motor
Revolution Timelapse motor
Shoulder brace/pad + Grip
ND Filters 4×4 set

Replacement Cost:
EUR 5,000.00


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