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Beautiful, Regular 16mm Bolex Rex-2 – with three prime lenses on rotating turret.
6x Viewfinder

1x Bolex H16 Rex2 camera body (c mount)
1x Rex-o-fader
3x Switar prime lenses of your choice
1x Sideview viewfinder (optional)
1x Bolex Pistol Grip with trigger
1x Gossen onboard lightmeter
1x Bolex Leather Carry Case

The ultimate vintage filmmaker camera!
Perfectly maintained.

Format (aspect ratio):
Regular 16mm (1:33)

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FPS: 12, 16, 18, 24, 32, 48 and 64

The kit comes with three lenses

Vintage black leather Bolex carry case which allows camera to be rigged up with lenses and light meter. Pistol grip mounts quickly with one thumb screw.

Replacement Cost
EUR 5,000.00


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