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Beautiful, Super 16mm Bolex Rex-4 – with bayonet mount
10x Veiwfinder

1x Bolex H16 Rex4 camera body
1x Vario Switar 17-85mm T3.5 zoom lens
1x MST motor drive at 25 FPS
1x Bolex Chest Rig
1x Handgrip (EBM version) with run&stop button on thumb
2x Handgrip batteries
1x Short Power Cable
1x Carry Case

The ultimate vintage filmmaker camera!
Perfectly maintained.

Format (aspect ratio):
Super 16mm (1:66)

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Motor can be detached and it becomes a lightweight manual spring driven — s16 camera! Handgrip or Shoulder brace can still be used without motor and battery.

FPS (motor): 25
FPS (spring): 12, 16, 18, 24, 32, 48 and 64

The kit comes with compact and pristine Vario Switar 17-85mm Zoom lens which is the ideal choice for fast setup. 

Camera can stay built / rigged up in Carry case.

Replacement Cost:
EUR 10,000.00


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