FILM LAB PACKAGE (4K) Color film

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Complete lab services package — PER METER OF FILM — (including negative developing / processing, telecine, your choice of 2K or 4K scan, FTP upload) provided by Kodak Cinelabs Romania

Note that fresh film stock is sold separately, see our filmmaker friendly prices under Kodak Film Stock.


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We recommend that you send the exposed film to lab immediately after filming. Each film canister sent to the lab, needs to be clearly labelled with information. You can use this PDF sheet, or simply write on your gaffer tape like the image above, just make sure not to cover the information printed on the film’s factory label.

Lab needs the following info on your film:

  • Type of film (Colour/B&W etc.)
  • Emulsion number (four-digit product number, e.g. “7207”)
  • Approximate length of roll
  • Your name
  • Production title
  • Camera Roll number (If you do not assign your rolls a number, the lab will do this for you but it may not be in the order of your choice)
    Include any camera reports or picture negative report to the lab.

We recommend that you send your exposed film to the address below as soon as you have completed your roll of film. As an alternative to express courier such as DHL, UPS, Genei there are options for budget shipment by truck from Madrid by-weekly which we are happy to provide information on. However, if your project requires daily rushes, then film rolls should be express couriered at the end of each day, that way you will have you dailies the following day.
“Do not X-ray” shipping label can be downloaded here

Kodak Cinelabs Romania
Bulevardul Bucurestii Noi 170,
012369, Bucuresti, Romania
+40 21 667 7874

NOTE that all shipments to the lab is under your responsibility, and our company does not accept responsibility for any handling or work provided by the laboratory. Any issues that may arrive in such process is between you and the Cinelab Romania. Kamara is solely providing you with an optional opportunity to take advantage of our negotiated rates with the lab of choice on our own in-house productions.

Note that after the lab services have been delivered, the negatives will need to be returned by the end the same month. Otherwise, storage fee will be applied.

Lab is working from 9:00 am – 5.30 pm from Monday – Friday. For orders requiring next rush/dailies or weekend lab work it will need extra shift at lab and additional cost. Any special instructions such as push / pull or other, may be subject to extra costs from the lab. Make sure to discuss any special needs with them directly.
Vouchers are valid based complete rolls being sent in, should you send in split rolls then you need to contact the lab to check that your voucher will cover this.

While this voucher is valid for any film stock in the length/amount of 16mm film described, depending on your desired film look result we recommend that you use fresh Kodak film stock, and invite you to take advantage of our highly attractive film stock offerings.


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