Mobile Filmmaker KIT

  • 30,00  / Day
  • 90,00  / Week

Ultimate Mobile video recorder KIT for your phone!

Shoot 4K with anamorphic (1.33 squeeze) or any other format and recording capacity the phone in your pocket offers (!) — rig it out as a cinema camera for Behind-the-scenes or documentary style filming. You will love the lightweight and easy operation.

Highly Recommended!

See list of items included below —

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1x Shoulder Pod Grip / rig for multiple configurations
1x Anamorphic 1.33 Moment Lens
1x 60mm Tele Moment Lens
1x 18mm Wide Angle Moment Lens
1x iPhone case (we have different cases in stock, so tell us which kind your phone needs)
1x Røde Video Recorder Mic + cords
1x Cube light with snout modifier
1x Small tripod stand
1x practical moment lens and accessory pouch
1x Carry case

Recommended apps are Filmic Pro or Moment App.

Possible add-on:
DJI Osmo 2 Gimbal with counter weight.

Replacement Cost:
EUR 900.00


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